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Scottevest Review

Happy family snap. Scottevest for Him and Her.

I had no idea of what Scottevest was before a recent trip to Europe. You see, before this trip, I thought that jackets were required only when it was cold. While travelling, I preferred not to have jackets but cargo pants that I could fill the pockets of with the phone, tickets, wallets and what not.

Now, I won’t go on a trip without the Scottevest!

Scottevest has pockets where you don’t think pockets could exist. Want to carry your phone, camera, passports (in my case – 9!), tickets, boarding passes, toys, money, wallet, credit cards, pens and even an ipad on you without feeling liking a porter? Then you need a Scottevest.

Not only does the jacket (pictured above in His and Her styles) carry all these items, it does so without putting the weight on your shoulders (literally). Never once did I feel that I was wearing anything other than a normal jacket. The jackets comes with a very smart weight distribution management system that somehow makes carrying all these things a breeze.

While going through airports (we went through around 20 in this trip) this was the one piece of garment that saved me hassles. Think 5 people and 5 passports, 5 boarding passes. All tucked away neatly in the inside pockets. Out in a jiffy.

And if you think with that many pockets, you are going to forget where you have kept everything? No! All pockets are cleverly marked. Iphone goes into the pocket marked with the iphone. Airline documents go into the pocket marked with the tiny airline symbol. And so on. (Yes, you are still responsible for keeping things in the right place yourself – it doesn’t do that automatically for you – not yet anyway).

And to top it all off, the jackets are super comfy, stylish and washable. If only they could make me look a few years younger, I would give them a two thumbs up. Oh well, that technology is not going to be invented – ever, so let’s just give them a two thumbs up!

If you have kids (and even if you don’t) and looking to travel you would well to buy a Scottevest before your next trip. They will free your hands up to chase after them.

CraftGossip received two complimentary jackets to review on this trip.


  1. Liz says

    We love Scottevest too. Hubby has a few jackets, I have the lightweight one and for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow, I have the Phoebe dress. 3 pockets! No need to carry a clutch! Or make hubby carry my stuff :)

    Next theme park trip, hubby wants a pair of their shorts.

  2. Rob says

    My wife owns a lot of microfleece and this one has become her favorite for the gym and outdoor activities. Scottevest makes great products and from my experience is a well run company that handles customer feedback personally. One of the garments we bought from Scottevest had a problem with the zipper and they sent a replacement. No hassle. I recommend Scottevest.

  3. says

    Scottevest is almost a scam. After You have tried their stuff on you cant even return it. And if you do return it and haven’t worn it they charge a restocking fee and you pay shipping do not buy its basically all sales final on all items.

  4. Kristin says

    We love the Scottevest clothes, but he cost of their shipping is outrageous and customer service is not geared toward the customer. I have sent so many friends to Scottevest. I now still do, but also add the comments just stated.

  5. Ray says

    Scottevest stuff seems nice when you try it on but when I use it in real life – with things in the pockets (afterall that is why I bought it) I found that the products do not last. The seams and zippers fail constantly. The garment is not designed to support ANY weight (like a pocket camera or a phone) and simply is not constructed well at all. It was a good concept but execution leaves alot to be desired. When I needed warranty service, they told me to bring it to a shop to have it repaired. I take very good care of my things but Scottevest is just too expensive to have as throw-a-way gear. No more Scottevest for me.

  6. Laurie says

    Customer Service is a huge issue.
    Strike 1: I ordered about $500 worth of Scottevest attire using their sizing charts, and had to return most things as it was off by a good bit.
    Strike 2: One of the items I ordered arrived damaged (the pocket had a hole in it – nice, especially for a product that touts the use of pockets, and to hold stuff)…
    Strike 3: Even though THEY shipped out a damaged item to me (and I called within a few days of receiving the box; and the same day I actually opened it to try out the new clothes) THEY wanted me to take pictures of the damaged pocket, and go through a 5-step process to get it fixed. What, now?? That is Crazy! How about you don’t send me damaged stuff to begin with?
    Strike 3.5 (not a huge deal, but…) One item also had a stone in the pocket, and smelled like it had been washed (used, maybe?)
    Final Outcome: I ended up returning the whole order and placing a new one in all new sizes, which I am still waiting on. Also, still waiting on my credit to show up (so much for 24-48 hrs turnaround – their words-not mine, as it has been a week now).
    Words of wisdom: Pay attention to the reviews on their site – they DON’T ALLOW any comments about customer service issues, which makes up half of your buying experience. There’s a reason they don’t want you to talk about their customer service: because it doesn’t exist!!(I’m still waiting on a supposed call back when calling their customer service line – which FORCES you to leave a message after hanging on the line for so long…) Does this company actually have customer service reps?? If so, they hide well, don’t respond to questions, calls or more importantly, problems (like holes in the pocket of a new garment they sold me). Buyer Beware. This is no Nordstrom, or Sears for that matter. Be prepared to fight if problems arise with your order.

  7. R Mosier says

    Scottevest makes some good things, and makes some bad things. Be VERY careful dealing with them. They refuse to refund or replace items even when clearly their fault. When they accept a return of defective merchandise they make you pay the shipping, both ways. There are much better merchants out there.

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