Suelas Shoes and Sangria

When I originally packed my Suelas shoes into my suitcase It never occurred to me just how fun taking product shots on the road could be.  Here I am wearing my Mustard Corte Shoes whilst drinking Sangria. (yes the Sangria drinking was necessary for the photo shoot)


These shoes are comfortable for walking and made with leather inner made made leather upper and rubber soles. Even though they are flat i found walking in them to be same as all my other flats.

They are bright enough to stand out with the simplest of clothing making me feel fashion forward (even in unwashed jeans and un-ironed suitcase clothing)


I also packed the Blue and cream Barka Shoe as shown here which I featured in my seaside outings to the coast of Spain. Check out the no Football sign which made us laugh little seeing as football crazed Spain is. (it might have been all the sangria at lunch that made it funny)



So for travelling with style I would (without hesitation) give these shoes a thumbs up, they held there own on the cobbled roads with just a few scuffs here and there. The main joy with these foldable shoes is that they allowed me the freedom to pack several different styles of shoes because of how little space they took up in my luggage and purse.


Here is my original post about these Suelas shoes in “travelling-with-kids-whats-in-my-suitcase” blog post.

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