Review: Dyson DC35 Animal

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After using this you will never need another vacuum. Period.

That is a tall claim, but after having used this for 2 weeks around our house, we are convinced that this is the future of all vacuums. It is even better than our beloved automatic Roomba and the original full size Dyson.

Is it a handheld? Or is it a standup vacuum? It is both! And that is what is brilliant about it.

Face it, if you do regular clean-up, you don’t need the full sized Dyson. But you don’t do regular clean-ups because lugging the heavy full size Dyson is a chore. Right?

But use this Dyson 35 Animal and you will do more regular clean-ups because it so easy and lightweight to use. It combines the convenience of a handheld with the power of a Dyson motor.

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What is not to love?

— Light enough to be used by even a kid.

— Does not need to be plugged in to use. Carry it to the cleaning location and press the button.

— The bin is big enough to hold a regular clean up. Empty the bin with the touch of a button with no mess.

— Two modes – one for regular clean up and the max mode for more powerful suction.

— Hangs in the cupboard with space for multiple attachments.

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We used it to do a regular house clean, to clean a family car, and to clean a car that was used to transport a pet. Except for the pet car, for everything else the DC 35 Animal was powerful enough, especially when used with the mini brush tool to come up spotless. We couldn’t be happier.

Dyson Handheld Review

There are some issues though!

— The battery on max power lasts only 6 minutes and takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.

— It is not a full sized Dyson. That is a feature and a problem. Some situations will require the full sized Dyson.

All in all, we would recommend this Dyson wholeheartedly. It will replace your original Dyson.


  1. Brigitte says

    I thought about getting this one, but that battery life and charge time was a deal breaker. I also held it in the store (not powered on), and it was awkward to have so much weight on the wrist and practically none on the floor. Did you find that to feel weird? I guess it’s a good thing that the battery life is so short—if it were any longer, I’d get carpal tunnel syndrome for sure.

    I wonder how this would work on medium to thick pile carpets. I have mostly hardwood with rugs and 2 rooms with thick carpet. I went with the DC26, which I really like because it’s light-weight and powerful. It doesn’t work well on the thick carpet though so for those rooms, I have to lug out my old Hoover canister, which works like a charm carpet.

    • says

      Hi Brigitte,

      Yeah the weight on the wrist takes some getting used to but it works in the end. You are right, this might not be the best vacuum for thick carpets.

  2. says

    My husband saved and saved to buy a Dyson cannister vac – Ugh – yes there is suction but it doesn’t turn on properly (the button broken about a month after we got it), half of the plastic on the head has broken (including the feature for floor/carpet) and the inlet is the size of a quarter which makes everything get stuck or you have to put the head over what you want to pick up or bend over and pick it up and throw it out. I have 4 kids and do a lot of vacuuming.Most expensive piece of junk ever.

  3. joan says

    My husband owns a vacuum store and Dysons are brought in constantly to get fixed because they are made so cheap. It brings him a lot of business.

  4. says

    I have a full sized animal Dyson and I LOVE it! We have 2 dogs (one of which sheds 24/7/365) and a cat – therefore we have lots of hair! LOL I am not ready to trade in my full sized Dyson for one that only lasts 6 minutes! Perhaps later in my life when there isn’t so much hair around.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  5. marlene says

    I have had a Dyson for over 5 yrs. At first I loved it, but then I had issues with the beater brush nor working properly. Would never buy another. I love the suction but if the brush doesn’t work right all that power is wasted.

  6. says

    Hi Patty and Marlene,

    We’ve noted that you’re experiencing difficulties with your Dyson vacuums. I’m sure we can help you – please give us a call on 1800 239 766, or email your details to We’ll do our best to sort your issues.

    Customers in need of our assistance in the US can reach us on 1866MYDYSON, or by emailing their details to

    Kind regards,

    Dyson Online Customer Support

  7. Brian says

    So many comments about people not wanting to replace their full size. This model isn’t made to replace the full size, it is made to be a quick handheld vacuum.

  8. Chris says

    Brillent . Easily replaces a normal vac .
    Battery time is not an issue
    I use it every day
    Picks up dog hair easily off the stairs .

  9. says

    One thing not to like is the price, over $300 yikes! – the DC44 or DC45(if you live in Canada) is a better deal. Comes with a better battery and comes with a mini floor tool for upholstery 😀

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