Fabz.com.au – Folding Shoes Review – Perfect for travelling

 You might recall my original post about these Fabz.com shoes in “travelling-with-kids-whats-in-my-suitcase” blog post.  Well the holiday has come to an end and after what I am sure is a 100 miles of walking I have the individual review of these shoes. I had packed an over supply of shoes but I must say I was grateful for these Jazz Shoes in Black ($79.95) as a stylish dressy alternative to wearing my walking boots in the evenings.

As suspected there was the odd occasion when we wanted to go for dinner at somewhere other than McDonalds and these shoes were my “high heels” for the evening.

After a day of sightseeing no sane traveler is going to want to slip on a pair of  5 inch heels just so they can eat but these did dress up my Little black dress and made me suitably presentable.

My only regrets with these shoes was not wearing them in a little more before we left as the elastic was a little tight (bending them backwards a few times is a solution). I would  definitely give these shoes a backpackers/travelers/mom’s/ thumbs up! And to make them a little more versatile with your wardrobe you could add extra clips for different colors and styles.

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