Drizzly Rain Vs Muddlarks Rain Suits

This is another one of our travel product reviews from our recent trip across Europe. We first mentioned Muddlarks Rain suits in our original travel post.

When I first came across Muddlarks Rain suits I thought they looked great and would suit my needs but I was a little apprehensive as to if they would be comfortable enough for the kids to wear but more importantly enjoy wearing them. As you can see from the photos below this was NEVER an issue.  (We reviewed the All In One Lightweight Rain Suits for my 5 and 2 year olds)

The kids never once said they wouldn’t put them on and they were so easy to get on and off that we could take them off  every time we went inside whilst walking around drizzly England streets.

They took up minimal room in our suitcase and I could easily fit both of them under our small stroller pram with room to spare for other stuff.

I would definitely recommend these suits as the perfect alternative to a raincoat as the legs are protected and the kids felt more freedom being able to jump around and not have mummy saying “mind the puddles”



For travelling purposes it would have been great to have a slip on shoe cover or something small (we couldn’t spare room for rain boots) next time I would consider taking a pair or swim shoes for everyday wear that they could use for rainy days too.

Check out their other versions too like the Bib N brace  and rain jacket.


  1. says

    What a fantastic idea, those Muddlarks rain suits! Adorable photos.

    I would certainly wear a grownup size Muddlarks suit. The only inconvenience might be what to do with the rained-on suit once one gets to where one’s going.

    It would be interesting to research availability of portable rain galoshes. The big old faithful wellies are great, but certainly not suitcase friendly.

    Feeling sympathy for travelers and residents of recently flooded Venice, I did notice many of them braving the high water in thin vinyl or plastic waders. Evidently, there are rainy day footwear options, but it would be nice if the Muddlarks suits had a companion bootlet.

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