DineHear by Knuaf – 40 seconds in Brisbane’s Lychee Lounge


When DineHear.com.au asked us to review the noise level in 3 random restaurants we were excited. Not excited because we were going to eat out, excited because we were going to call it work and leave the kids at home.  :)

Obviously not taking our children decreased the volume level at our table dramatically and we were in fact able to talk. Granted we had nothing to talk about but the children, but we could hear each other. Or could we?

Lychee Lounge in Brisbane’s West end is famous among locals for its cocktails so we thought we would combine an early cocktail with an early dinner. When we were seated under a loud speaker I thought – Oh No! Epic fail! Because all we can hear is music.

It wasn’t until we sat and listened that we noticed we could STILL hear lots of things from the bar and the kitchen.

Here is our 40 seconds of noise. You can hear chatter in the kitchen and the fridge door being opened and closed.  There was also some crashing of plates from the kitchen but I failed to press record in time.

Click here to hear the audio from the Lychee Lounge.

Well what do you think? Can you hear the Kitchen stuff? We sure could.

DineHear.com.au (Knauf ) put together their own funny noisy restaurant video.

The Break Up from Talking Brand on Vimeo.

You can review your local restaurant and go into the draw to win 1 of 3 ipad Minis!

(perfect for bad dates and entertaining children at overly loud restaurants)

Visit the DineHear Website for all the details on how to win.

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