DineHear by knauf – 40 seconds at SanChurro


(Please note a little chocolate was wasted in the making of the artistic napkin art above).

When someone asks you to review a restaurant you don’t pick somewhere you have been before because well that’s just boring isn’t it.

SanChurro had been calling out to my chocolate desires for sometime now and the fact that the queue was considerably less then another (over the road – across the corner – down the stress a little) chocolate shop really had me convinced that this was the night to try it out.

YUM! That’s all I have to say.

But I will say more cause well it’s a blog and that’s what bloggers do :)

Dipping Fried Churros tossed with cinnamon into hot melted spiced chocolate is probably as close to heaven as your going to get.

With the exception of hearing a coffee machine grinding someones coffee beans whilst you try to enjoy the quietness of no children sharing your chocolate.

Here is my 40 seconds of kitchen sounds.

San Churro Audio

Am I crazy? Isn’t it wrong to be sitting in a chocolate cafe/shop/restaurant/haven and hearing coffee machines?

Why go to a Chocolate shop and order coffee? Isn’t that what Starbucks and Gloria jeans are for?

These “coffee lovers” are clogging up doorways when serious “chocolate lovers” are waiting in line for a fix. Oh did I mention I LOVE chocolate?

DineHear.com.au (Knauf )put together their own funny noisy restaurant video called I love you.

You too can review your local restaurant and go into the draw to win 1 of 3 ipad Minis

Visit the DineHear Website for all the details on how to win.

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