6 Weeks Of Chocolate


So it has been six weeks since I started the Chocolate Diet Challenge.   You can follow my weight-loss journey in my earlier posts here.   So how am I going?  Well it’s been a little difficult actually.  Last week was a “Wedding weekend” . There was just too many restaurant outings and not enough Diet shake.  I have to admit though, even though I was eating for that weekend I was STILL Hungry. This proves that the shakes are perfect at suppressing hunger. I am NEVER hungry on these shakes. In fact the only time I find myself snacking, picking or cheating is when I am pinching scraps off my kids half empty plates. (Horrible Mum Habit)

So how much have I lost? Well not nearly as much as I had hoped :(   but I have lost 3 kg’s and at least 1 inch off from just about everywhere.

This week I have stepped up the exercise, literally! I climbed up 200 steps yesterday whilst I waited for my son’s sports activity to start. The problem is not exercising the problem is finding time to exercise when you’re a Mum. Finding 30 mins a day doesn’t sound hard. Finding 30 mins a day where I feel like exercising and not taking that moment to BREATH is.

If your weight gain issue is FOOD then this is the diet for you! The meal replacements are yummy and satisfying.  I do NOT crave Chocolate at night like I used to and very rarely have the small chocolate bar that comes in the Weekly box.

The Chocolate weight loss Sachets are available exclusively to Price line and come in individual sachets or in a weekly box for $58.99

Stay tuned only a few weeks to go and all shall be revealed, literally as I will post a before and after shot. I will also be giving one lucky reader the chance to win a trial pack.

I  chatted to the Creator  Dr Lily on facebook about my slow weight loss and she suggested, Green Tea, Chilli and 25% more exercise So that is my next goal.


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