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I was asked to review the new Piping Hot Clothing range that is currently in Target. So I did what we are all warned not to do. I tried to work with my children!

Thank god we don’t have any animals.

As you can see by most of the photos – they are selfies. Why? Because no one was …

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War Horse Tickets $69-$132.90.

I was invited to attend the official opening night for War Horse at QPAC and without hesitation I accepted and took my mother along for the show.

It was amazing! It had laughs, heartache and tears.

These magnificent puppets were so realistic that after 10-15 mins I had completely forgot that there were up to …

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When DineHear.com.au asked us to review the noise level in 3 random restaurants we decided we wouldn’t take the kids to all the reviews. But we did take them to the last one at Shingle Inn Mt Ommaney.

Brisbane’s Lychee Lounge 


The first problem was getting the kids to be quiet for 40 seconds so I could record the …

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(Please note a little chocolate was wasted in the making of the artistic napkin art above).

When someone asks you to review a restaurant you don’t pick somewhere you have been before because well that’s just boring isn’t it.

SanChurro had been calling out to my chocolate desires for sometime now and the fact that the queue was considerably less …

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QPAC played host to this remarkable play by the Queensland Theatre Company called Venus In Fur by David Ives.

It was witty, sexy and thought-provoking. If you read Fifty Shades of Grey then this play will interest  you and not because of the reference to S&M but some of the psychology behind it.

The lead actress Libby Munro was amazing. …

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When DineHear.com.au asked us to review the noise level in 3 random restaurants we were excited. Not excited because we were going to eat out, excited because we were going to call it work and leave the kids at home.  :)

Obviously not taking our children decreased the volume level at our table dramatically and we were in fact able …

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A Clockwork Orange Review

What better way to mark the 50th anniversary of Anthony Burgess’ literary cult masterpiece than to see it performed live by UK’s highly dynamic Action To The Word theatre company.

The award winning all-male cast, led by Martin McCreadie (as Alex DeLarge), takes its audience into a dark world, exploring themes of sexuality, youth and aggression with a fresh and …

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Well the time has come to give up my new Chocolate addiction the Chocolate MealReplacement Shake as I reach the end of my 8 week challenge. I have got so used to the shakes that I am dreading returning to finding my own lunches and returning to that late afternoon hunger crash which I have NOT been experiencing at all.

So the …

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So it has been six weeks since I started the Chocolate Diet Challenge.   You can follow my weight-loss journey in my earlier posts here.   So how am I going?  Well it’s been a little difficult actually.  Last week was a “Wedding weekend” . There was just too many restaurant outings and not enough Diet shake.  I have to …

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This is a progress report – for my Chocolate Diet Challenge (Read about it here)

If you haven’t been following the challenge, it is basically a meal replacement diet program for 8 weeks. The fun part is it’s all themed around chocolate.

Taste:  I like the taste of the meal replacement shakesthe berry ones are really nice too. I just …

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